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Trip planning is provided using Google Maps.
Trip data is maintained using Trillium's GTFS Manager.

Terms and conditions

We strive to provide quality information through Google Transit Maps, but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Use the trip planner as a first step for planning purposes only. We recommend you double-check trip itineraries with the printed bus schedules and the Bus tracker on our website. Neither Tar River Transit, City of Rocky Mount, NC, nor any other transit agency, nor the designer of this site, will be held responsible for any mishap which may result from using Google Maps transit itineraries. Also see the Google Maps Terms and Conditions.

What should I do if I receive incorrect, misleading, or confusing trip itinerary information?

If your trip itinerary has inaccurate stop location, time, fare, or service schedule information, this is likely because of an error in the information this or another transit agency has provided to Google Transit. Record the start address, end address, and arrival/departure date and time for your itinerary and contact the appropriate transit agency to tell them about the problem so it can be fixed.

If your problem is with inaccurate or misleading walking directions, awkward transfers, or any problem with the visual map and route display, your issue is probably best addressed directly to Google. Use the report a problem feature of Google Maps or contact Google regarding transit-related issues using this form. Please contact Tar River Transit, so we can be made aware of the issue.

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